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Horse Race Tracker Odds App

Horse race tracker logoThe horse race tracker odds app gives you access to your favourite horses, trainers, and jockeys. It’s available for all UK and Irish races. This app makes it possible for you to track a horse, jockey, or trainer separately, or all together. Make your selections while you’re in the app. Choose the horse that you wish to follow, or you can place a filter on a horse when a horse is running a race or at a specific distance.

It has really good ratings, which can be seen on the iTunes download page and has 4.5 stars. It gives you the option to browse the past seven days race results, together with the next race cards due to run. The horse racing cards cover the race name, age, runners, horse, distance, going, jockey, trainer, weight, days since its last run, and the odds comparison. It gives you in-depth information on each race.

Horse Race Tracker Odds App

It’s a free download available through iTunes, and it’s medium sized at 10.1 MB. The last update was September 2016, but once it’s loaded you’ll get the regular updates. This means that you won’t have to download the horse race tracker odds app again.

Download the Horse Race Tracker App on iTunes

Horse Race Tracker Odds app – Great tool

Lots of apps do lots of different things, some of which are useful for the average punter or casual gambler. This app has a lot more than that – it’s the perfect addition to any serious player’s app inventory.

The Horse Racing Tracker and Odds app is a one-stop-shop for following horses, jockeys and trainers. For the more measured gambler, this app ties in with some more sophisticated approaches to betting.

Not that you need to be a proper gambler – punters will find this just as fun as other apps as it gives a different range of information, tips and so on.

Available on both the iPhone at the iTunes store and Android devices via Google Play, this app is a genuinely useful piece of kit for gambling on horse races in the UK and Ireland.

Horse Race Tracker  Odds app review

The app covers races in the UK and Ireland, which is great but an international perspective would be nice for such a useful app. Nonetheless, for most people it’s more than enough.

For us the main standout feature is the odds comparison with major bookmakers. So it’s easy to compare prices from the likes of Ladbrokes, William Hill and many more besides. Punters often don’t bother to search for the best odds – which can be a mistake as there can be some pretty large differences between the various bookmakers, especially on the bigger races like the Grand National or the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

Comparing odds across the different bookies is so easy with this app that it will definitely save you lots of money if you’re betting regularly.

The other main element of the app is being able to track any horse, jockey or trainer wherever they are. You can even filter so a particular horse only appears when it’s a certain distance or course – in other words this app is a joy for the serious gambler as it means they can let it do the hard yards for them.

Just key in the horses you want to follow at any part of the season and the app does it all. As part of this you get two push notifications when the horse is declared to run prior to the race day and one hour from the start of the race. A third notification comes with the result of your favourite. Best of all, with each of these notifications you get the best odds from the bookmakers covered.

One new section is the tips zone, which gives users tonnes of great info about past performance, current form and all the usual tipster information.

You can also see next race cards and results from the last seven days. Racing cards include the race name, distance, going, age, runners, horse, jockey, form, weight, trainer, days since last run and the all-important odds comparison.

Features of the Horse Race Tracker Odds app

  • Select your favourite horses, trainers and jockeys
  • Receive three push notifications when your horse, jockey or trainer is running
  • Today and tomorrow’s racing cards
  • Horse racing results from the last 7 days from around the UK and Ireland
  • Compare odds from the biggest bookmakers
  • Tips from some of the top tipsters

The Horse Race Tracker Odds is one of the best we’ve seen. It’s got some truly innovative functionality and it well worth adding to your phone if you want to improve your betting strategy.

Horse Racing Results App

horse racing results appAvailable on both the iPhone and Android devices, it’s fair to say that the Horse Racing Results app does exactly what it says on the tin – Plus a lot more besides. With up-to-the-minute results streaming in from every corner of the UK, you will never be without the latest racing info from each racecourse.

In addition to live horse racing results from every racecourse in the UK and Ireland, the app gives users the best odds, trainer, jockey, distance and runner information on every race.

And it’s possible to comment and share results on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ directly from within the app, making this perhaps the most social media friendly horse racing app on the market.

Horse Racing Results app review

First off, the Horse Racing Results app offers users live horse racing results from every racecourse in the UK and Ireland. Hardly surprising, but it’s really easy to access information on odds, trainer, jockey, distance and runner for every race, which makes it genuinely useful.

Horse racing results app screen shots

This makes the Horse Racing Results app well worth having, but there is a lot more to it that just a load of results from around the country.

There is a whole social media integration going on that lets users comment and share results on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ directly from within the app. This makes it much more enticing than many other similar racing results apps for iPhones and Android devices.

We really liked the social media aspect as really it’s a whole lot extra on offer compared to your run of the mill horse racing app.

In addition to the results, there is a great section with archive footage. To choose a race all you need to do is input a date, the name of the horse, or the racecourse to find what you’re after.

Near the bottom of the main app page there are four different tabs – the star tab gives users the live results, the circle let them browse the results by racecourse, the two upright arrows access a date browser and a diamond gives users entry to a whole section of horse data.

The way you can search for results by horse is a nice touch as often you’re really only following a few particular runners and not really keen on knowing about the rest. It depends on the way you bet and so on, but the ability to search by course, runner and so on means you can almost tailor this app to the way you want to get involved.

Key features of the Horse Racing Results app

  • Up-to-date results from all over the UK and Ireland.
  • Odds, jockey, trainer, distance and runner information to complete the results.
  • An archive that lets users search for past results and performance.
  • Great social media functionality meaning it’s easy to comment and share results with Facebook friends, Twitter followers and Google+ circles.

Horse Racing Betting Calculator App

betting calculator app logoThe horse racing betting calculator app, is a great little app that costs just £0.69 for the ad free version. It will allows you to calculate all bets, help you keep tabs on what you’ve staked, and even calculate your returns. The app has no betting function, so if you want an app to bet on, check out our best betting apps guide.

The developer is very supportive of its app and rightly so, as it can even arrange complicated bets like and Lucky 15s. Although there are many popular betting calculator apps, they do come with their limitations, but the horse racing betting aims to address these shortcomings.

Get the Betting Calculator App on iTunes

Example of the Genius of The Horse Racing Betting Calculator App

horse race betting calculator app screen shotYou have to imagine the scenario. You walk into a betting shop planning to stake £50 on several races. You end up with a betting slip on race 1 containing a £25 win on Likely Lad at 2/1 and a £20 win on Definite Prospect, while race 2 is a £2.50 each way on Big Outsider at 30/1.

A traditional betting calculator would force you to enter and exit the app several times in order to complete the calculations, especially if you placed two different bets on the same selection. This genius app allows you to have a variety of selections within the same bet.

Although the horse race betting calculator app is not one of the free apps available through iTunes, it will save you heaps of time in making your own notes of the bets, stakes, and returns. If you attend a day at the races and place your bets, add them to the app, and the app will do all of the calculations for you.

Advantages of the Horse Racing Betting Calculator App

bet calculator itunesThe iPhone screen shots provided on the iTunes preview page highlight that this app is extremely easy to navigate. Simply add your selections and the genius app will list the total stakes and potential returns. If you’re a winner it’ll place ‘won’ beneath the selection.

It’s only a basic app so don’t expect too much colour and dashing extras, but this app does exactly what you pay it to do. If you’re dissatisfied with a particular bet there is always an option to delete the bet. The horse racing betting calculator app allows you to combine decimal and fractional odds. Add the amount of your stake, the odds, the odds type (SP/fractional/decimal), bet type (win or each way), and the place odds (1/2 / 1/3 / 1/4 / 1/5). This betting calculator app allows an array of selections, plus you can place more than one bet on a selection..

It’s worthwhile to note that this app does include mild simulated gambling so it’s only suitable for users aged 12 and over. The size of this app is also tiny at only 0.1 MB. Yes, you have to pay for this app but you’re paying for a service that will save you a lot of time. The other free betting calculators do not work in the same way as this app, as you may have to constantly log in and log out to check on several bets within the same selection.


If you want to save time on an app that allows you to include all bets while calculating your stakes and returns, you’ll love the horse racing betting calculator app available through iTunes. The app was released in May 2011 and has not yet received an update since this date; however, it’s compatible with any software of iOS 3.2 or older so it’s likely to work on older Apple gadgets. It’s affordable at only £0.69 and a worthwhile app to have if you’re an ardent horse racing fan. Download it onto your device through the iTunes store.